How Does Management of Medicaiton Waste Relate to Ecopharmacovigilance

Reducing, minimizing or eliminating environmental contamination with mediations is critical to environmental sustainability.  Ecopharmacovigilance (EPV) is a relatively new branch of science that explores this important topic. More specifically, EPV concerns the detection, assessment, understanding, and prevention of adverse effects related to the presence of pharmaceuticals in the environment.   There are many aspects of EPV which span from drug design all the way to management of pharmaceutical waste.

What Tools Are Available to Assist Healthcare Organizations Manage Medication Waste?

Drug Destructor is a tool employed by modern healthcare organizations to help manage pharmaceutical waste in an environmentally responsible way. End user medication disposal habits are guided by site policy but the success of these policies are largely influenced by ease of use of the medication waste tools. Drug Destructor has proven benefits related to staff satisfaction resulting in boosted compliance to medication waste protocols.  This helps reduce organizational liability and protects the environment from unnecessarily ecological impact by improperly disposed medications.

As this important branch of science develops Drug Destructor will continue to be an environmentally friendly tool for medication waste management.