Liability Reduction


At Drug Destructor we realize that disposing of pharmaceutical waste, and other associated material that is generated during the healthcare process, creates a high degree of liability. Drug Destructor can help reduce your organizational liability. 

As a destruction tool at the point of care, the Drug Destructor is perfectly positioned to be used for disposal right where pharmaceutical waste is generated. 

Drug Destructor Reduces Your Organizational Liability By:

  • Improving staff compliance with waste destruction
  • Reducing opportunities for diversion
  • Keeping staff, patients and their families safe by limiting exposure to medications
  • Meeting your regulatory needs

Regulatory Compliance

Healthcare organizations of all sizes are facing challenges meeting stringent pharmaceutical waste handling standards imposed by healthcare accreditation bodies. Leading accreditation organizations such as The Joint Commission (TJC), Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program (HFAP) and Det Norske Veritas Healthcare  (DNV) have made it clear that appropriate handling of medication waste is critical. In addition, many local municipalities and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency have mandates to minimize the transfer of pharmaceutical waste into ground water. Non compliance can be costly with fines up to $36,500 a day.  

Drug Destructor is the ideal tool to reduce your liability associated with pharmaceutical waste in a low cost, easy to implement and efficient manner. 

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