The Drug
Destructor Bag

Simplify your medication waste
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All about drug destructor

The Drug Destructor bag will solve your medication disposal needs. The bag is designed to hang at the point of care, where medications are administered, so that waste disposal can occur immediately.

Each Drug Destructor Bag contains an absorbent sachet to render medications unusable keeping your staff and patients safe.
This non-toxic substance absorbs liquid on contact rendering drugs unusable. This unique trait means the Drug Destructor does not need to be locked or secured as drugs are rendered unusable once inside the Drug Destructor.

Ideal for acute and critical care settings where busy staff may not always have time to find a centralized medication disposal system.

Suitable for Solid and Liquid Medications

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Note: the bag pictured here is filled with a white solution to highlight the text on the bag.   

The large opening at the top of the Drug Destructor is sized appropriately to allow users to easily deposit solid and liquid medication waste but small enough to prevent retrieval of any contents. 

The bag opening also contains an integrated hook designed for hanging on an IV pole or hook right next to the point of care. This simplifies medication waste processes for staff and encourages immediate disposal of unwanted medications.  

The added advantage of the Drug Destructor is that there are no expensive renovations or installation reguired to implement the product as it leverages IV poles which are existing infrastructure.

The Drug Destructor has a tethered lid attached to the device. See the lid open in the figure to the left. This lid is a key differentiation from other medication waste systems, as the Drug Destructor can be sealed when not in use. Closing the lid will help contain odors which is a common problem other medication waste solutions face.

The tethered lid also ensures the lid will not be misplaced when the device is open and in use.  

Drug Destructor is extremely easy to use. In fact, the bag contains directions for use clearly printed on each bag.
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Download the Infographic describing how to use the Drug Destructor. This infographic is also helpful to assist with end user training.

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Key benefits of the drug destructor 

  • Low Cost
  • Simple to Implement
  • Easy to Use
  • Ready to Use
  • DEHP Free
  • No Expensive Capital Purchase Required
  • Keeps Patients and Staff Safe
  • Reduces Institutional Liability 
  • Helps Prevent Drug Diversion
  • Latex Free
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Drug Destructor is versatile! 

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Specialized sachet in each Drug Destructor Bag

Each Drug Destructor bag contains a proprietary sachet, pictured left,  containing powder. Upon contact with any liquid the sachet ruptures and the contents of the sachet absorb medications rendering the medication non-retrievable and unusable.  

Our research has shown that approximately 95% of institutional medication waste is liquid waste but the Drug Destructor bag can also accept solid medication waste including tablets and capsules.

The absorbent material is environmentally friendly being non-toxic, harmless and nonpolluting.

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