What are the Best Methods for Handling Medication Waste in Hospitals

Medication waste is generated routinely by healthcare centers including hospitals. The process of handling this medication waste is critical to ensuring staff safety and meeting strict accreditation and environmental standards.

Ideally, rendering this waste unusable immediately will be the best approach. A bedside tool for medication waste that meets this need is the Drug Destructor Bag. These bags hang at the bedside in patient care areas so they are convenient and perfectly positioned for ease of use.

Can Drug Destructor be used with Liquid and Solid Medication Waste?

Yes, both liquid and solid medication waste are suitable to be used in Drug Destructor bags.  Our research has shown that approximately 95% of institutional medication waste is in the liquid form but the Drug Destructor bag can also accept solid medication waste including tablets and capsules. If a Drug Destructor bag contains only solids a small volume of tap water should be added to the bag to activate the sachet.

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